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Janet S., Seattle, WA

I had my sewer cleaned out but it was not large enough to get a 4 inch blade down to get a good root clean out and it backed up again in 3 weeks. I was given Greenlake Sewer and Drain to call to fix the problem. They came out the same day to give an estimate. They were very professional and upfront about the whole process and answered all our questions. That night they emailed the info I needed and after I accepted the bid, they got the permit and began work within two days. They were on time and efficient. The whole job looked good when they were finished. They cleaned up the yard and you could hardly tell that they had to dig a very deep hole. We are very satified with the work that was done.

Burt and Jean P., Seattle, WA

Greenlake Sewer got to the job promptly. Gave us several estimates for various phases of the work. We did part of the digging to reduce the price. They did the balance in a timely fashion and cleaned the area up, bringing in extra dirt. We would recommend them to anyone because of their fair pricing and the quality of their work.

Bill C. Seattle, WA

Everything went smoothly and as-promised. Our basement drain was occasionally backing up so contacted a couple of plumbers who recommended the work I ultimately ended up having done, but I felt they were too quick to rule out other (cheaper) options. Decided to try calling a sewer specialist (I didn't really know they existed until I looked into it). Tony showed up having already obtained a map of my sewer line from the city, asked good questions, and wanted to look around at the whole plumbing system. He found the clean-out port in my basement, which was hidden under stairs (plumbers did not locate it). But mainly because the port was blocked (and had probably never been opened), we agreed the best long-term solution would be to install an exterior clean-out and then snake the line from there. Work was performed on time and without a hitch. Have done a few loads of laundry and so far so good! Overall, very friendly, knowledgeable, and recommended based on this experience. They also performed the work for substantially less than I was quoted by a plumber.

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