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We offer High Pressure Water Jetting of your sewer line.

Greenlake Sewer offers an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe method of cleaning drain and sewer pipes. High pressure jetting uses state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses to propel water under varying amounts of pressure into your sewer line. A special nozzle, mounted on a heavy duty hose, directs an array of forward and reverse jets of powerful water streams all the way to the pipe walls. This cuts through even the toughest build up and blockage to thoroughly clean pipes.

Video inspection gives you a real time condition of your sewer.

Video inspection (or closed circuit television inspection) is a very cost-effective method for diagnosing problems within a main sewer line. By looking inside the line, we're able to accurately identify and locate any blockages or damages. When we use video inspection on a sewer line, we can produce a DVD of the procedure. This allows you to see the problem for yourself, and it allows us to provide an accurate, estimate for your repair.

In addition to keeping a DVD of the pipe inspection, you will also receive a locate detailing potential problems, their severity and their exact location.

Exterior Clean-out Installation Experts.

Having an exterior clean-out for your sewer line has several benefits for homeowners. An exterior clean-out prevents bringing a large, dirty and loud sewer machine inside your home, especially when the majority of main sewer clogs are outside the building. It also makes for a more efficient cleaning of your sewer line. One of the points where roots can infiltrate into your sewer is where it leaves your house.

Installing an exterior clean-out here prevents this from happening and at the same time makes cleaning and maintaining your sewer easier. So call today for your free estimate on an exterior clean-out.

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